How to Become a Partner?

SleepCare has a successful history of working with hospitals, physician groups and other healthcare organizations to open sleep facilities that are profitable, effective and efficient sleep centers. SleepCare has used numerous business models to suite the various needs of its stakeholders, find brief explanations of these below. We design the proposal and business plan to best fit our partner’s goals and needs. This program will enable you to provide a quality sleep disorders service to the community, thus allowing your facility to retain precedence over the patients currently being forfeited to other hospitals or laboratories. Sleep Care, Inc. will provide the program and expertise necessary initiate and maintain a successful sleep diagnostics center. To inquire about the possibility of partnering with SleepCare please email


SleepCare has the experience, personel and equipment neccessary to build a successful sleep program in a matter of weeks. In this model the partner provides only the neccessary space and billing for the sleep laboratory while SleepCare will provide sleep specialists, trained staff, experienced managers, marketing department, state-of-the-art technology, HIPPA compliant network, thorough policy and procedures and cutting edge follow-up program to name a few.

Joint Venture Management

SleepCare’s joint venture business model has successfully created and manages two partnerships with healthcare providers, a total of five free-standing facilities, previously not seeing volumes or profits to sustain their sleep programs. All of these facilities are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and feature an on-site board certified sleep physician as medical director. SleepCare manages nearly all aspects of the sleep medicine program with a highly trained faculty of sleep professionals, a thorough understanding of industry standards and regulations and an extensive knowledge of the lastest in sleep technology.

Working With SleepCare Affords You the Following Benefits

Accredited Facilites

At SleepCare we strive for perfection. Standards of quality in sleep medicine are determined by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s (AASM) accreditation standards. We strive to meet and exceed those standards, tracking quality with our unique Quality Assurance program, and operate accredited facilities at all our locations. SleepCare has accredited twelve sleep laboratories throughout Ohio and Indiana. Our staff is very experienced at opening and managing sleep centers and can usually accredit a sleep center within a year of opening.

Dedicated Marketing

SleepCare’s marketing staff serves as full-time liaisons between physicians and the sleep center to ensure the satisfaction of the referring physicians. This involves promoting new facilities to area physicians, calling on physicians and staff for quality assurance, providing screening tools and arranging informational meetings with healthcare providers. In addition to direct markeing our staff has an advertising budget that is used to increase awareness of sleep disorders to the general public located in markets surrounding the sleep center.

Sleep Technology Training

SleepCare operates one of two accredited sleep technologist training programs in the country, The Sleep Technology Training Institute. This programs, which is accredited by the Commision on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), equips students with the skills necessary to become regristry eligible in just sixteen weeks. This program and the experience it employs ensures a quality and educated technical staff throughout all of SleepCare’s facilities.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Our number one goal is improved quality of life for our patients. To do this we have designed a unique approach to patient outcomes, where patient progress and quality of life is tracked and recorded to ensure the most effective and beneficial treatments. This can be seen in our patient outcomes reports that quantitatively displays patient improvement or identifies potential risks that could necessitate further intervention. These reports are at the disposal of referring physicians and have proven extremely effective in managing sleep apnea patients’ cardio, pulmonary or other serious health complications.

Information Technology Network

At SleepCare we utilize an IT infrastructure that connects all locations and physicians at anytime day or night. This allows for quick and accurate results for patients and referring physicians. This characteristic, which is HIPAA compliant, couples with our Enhanced Outcomes program to provide the full continuum of care for patients’ sleep disorders, incorporating home medical equipment information and treatment progress.

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